Here at Rehabs UK we are able to offer online or phone therapy for an array of mental health and addiction problems. We have trained addiction specialists for those who need professional help. Whether suffering from addiction or mental health problems directly or indirectly as a family member, we can help. We provide specialist care that is based on years of experience so our clients feel comfortable and safe when speaking to their therapist.

If you feel that you would rather have face-to-face therapy then we have addiction specialists available in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.


With the fast-paced growth of modern technology, online and phone therapy is able to offer you services from across the world. This can be done in many forms. The options available to you will depend on your therapist. Finding the right online or phone therapy for you will help you on your way to recovery. It provides the individual with a sense of security knowing that they can get support from wherever they are.

It provides therapy in an easy, mobile and accessible way. Suited to your individual lifestyle infact, 91% of people currently in online therapy agree that more people should try it.

Northwestern University (USA) and and Germany’s Leipzig University suggest that online therapy is just as effective as face-to-face work for clients, especially longer-term.

There are many addictions and mental health conditions which can be helped through online or phone therapy. Some of these are mentioned below:


This might benefit you if you have just completed a rehabilitation programme and feel you need some continued support. It might also benefit you if you travel for work, or are not always living in the same area for you to set up a location to go to one-to-one therapy or group therapy.

The benefit of online or phone therapy is that it can be done from almost anywhere in the world. If you feel like that you need some help and support, you can potentially be in contact with a therapist at the hit of a button.

The service is ideal for those who feel they may need therapy to help combat or explore their addiction but perhaps don’t have the finance for a residential rehab. Alternatively, if you are a loved-one and you feel like you could benefit from speaking with an addiction therapist please do speak to one of Treatment Advisors.