Our purpose is; to ensure that every individual struggling with addiction or mental health receives the support and advice they need to begin their recovery journey.

To support our clients and their families to make the right choices.

We lean on our expert knowledge and experience in order to find the right rehab for each of our clients, giving them the best possible beginning to their recovery journey.

Our empathetic Treatment Advisors who have experienced addiction first hand will take the time to understand specific individual needs, considering the addiction, history, location, preferences, budget & personality, before finding the right place to begin a recovery journey.

We aren't just Rehabs UK, we’re also the team behind East Coast Recovery a renowned addiction treatment service which has been around since 2012. We love supporting our clients to free themselves from addiction & this drove us to create Rehabs UK.

Our partnership with trusted, CQC registered rehab centres across the UK and abroad lets us extend our support, sharing our expertise in order to find the right place for recovery for more people struggling with addiction.


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