A free assessment is conducted by a Treatment Advisor who is fully trained and often in recovery themselves. It will include a series of questions which will help determine the specific treatment plan required for you or your loved ones personalised needs.

This could include, what level of care is needed, how much addiction treatment will cost, the location options and what medical options are suited and/or available for the individual.

There is also no obligation to commit to anything after a free assessment.

Why Rehabs UK offers a free assessment

It can be scary to make the first step into recovery and reach out. It is important to understand that our empathetic team are here to answer any questions and queries. With so many treatments available ranging form residential rehab, home detoxing to online or face-to-face therapy it can be overwhelming knowing which one is right for your situation. Our service is ultimately to help identify and understand the options individuals have when it comes to tackling their addiction and/or mental health.

Rehabs UK offers personalised treatment tailored to the individuals needs and focuses on a plan that aims to prevent relapse. That's why we provide our very own aftercare programme which consists of a weekly online recovery group facilitated by our head therapist Jakana and access to our WhatsApp group for continued support at no extra cost.

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Rehabs UK Senior Treatment Advisor Scott Ardley on a phone call offering a free addiction assessment