Our alcohol home detox treatment is an affordable and convenient alternative to residential rehab. If you or loved one are unable to commit to a full-time treatment centre or have work/family commitments this could be just the solution.

What's included?

  • Daily check-in support calls with a Treatment Advisor
  • In-depth assessment with a Rehabs UK recommended Doctor or Nurse Prescriber who will organise medication and detox length
  • Free* trial therapy session with an addiction therapist
  • Help finding community-based support and meetings
  • Access to our online weekly Recovery Support Group facilitated by our head therapist Jakana
  • Access to our online weekly Recovery Foundation Group delivered by our director Lester Morse
  • Access to our Recovery Support Whatsapp Group
  • Access for family members to join our weekly online Family Talk Support Group and Whatsapp Group

At Rehabs UK we believe in a complete 360 holistic approach when treating alcohol dependency and that's why we provide an ongoing aftercare package not just for the individual involved but also their family members.

Although we provide ongoing recovery coaching with our Treatment Advisors we recommend partnering any home detox treatment plan with online therapy or face-to-face therapy and our Exploring Addiction Course to help prevent relapse.

Our Rehabs UK doctor's can also prescribe anti-craving medication as part of a recovery plan for those who feel they may find abstinence from alcohol challenging.

Struggling with drug dependency or a combination of substances such as cocaine and alcohol and want outpatient treatment? We can help! We offer medical assessments for a variety of unique addiction situations. Whether its support with titration, detox or medical review contact a Treatment Advisor today for a free pre-assessment.

"Scott made me feel at ease, giving his own personal experience and was extremely informative so much so I signed up the next day and started detox for alcohol the following week. The team contacted me at least 4 times a day to check on me and my progress." - Kay S.

Doctor Ike Nnene on the phone with a client discussing the next steps of a home detox


If you’ve decided to stop drinking the side effects of alcohol withdrawal aren’t always easy to deal with on your own and can be potentially dangerous if you are physically dependent. An alcohol home detox involves a controlled detoxification process that can be carried out in the comfort of your own home or another safe environment that you’ve chosen.

Once the alcohol has been safely removed the individual will feel physically better for example, eating normally and increased sleep. There will also be mental health improvements which will allow for better interaction when taking part in treatment.

Our alcohol home detox treatments are a combination of medicines, sedatives and vitamins that are designed to relieve the potential side effects and withdrawal symptoms when tackling addiction. Suitability can depend on substance, addiction history, consumption and physical and mental health.

A home detox may also be able to be combined with an outpatient rehabilitation treatment plan if the individual requires a detox to remove a physical alcohol dependence.

An alcohol home detox offers the same detox you would receive in a residential rehab but without having to commit full-time to a treatment centre.

Our team of healthcare professionals will work with you throughout the entire process, to help relieve any potential side effects or withdrawal symptoms that you may encounter as well as supporting you emotionally via our Treatment Advisors and Recovery coaches. Ongoing development is also supported by a personalised aftercare plan, If you would like to know more on this please contact our Treatment Advisors.

Detox is just the first stage of entering into a recovery journey and that's why we offer other treatments and therapies such as online or face-to-face therapy & Exploring Addiction Course to support ongoing success.

Home Detox Testimonial that reads "What can I say, absolutely amazing, I've been drinking for more then half my life, 30 years...  Did a four week course in a clinic, but 7 days home detox has been much better by far.  Rehabs UK have not only changed my life, but I honestly think they have saved my life.  A huge thank you not just from me, but from my family too.  If in doubt, go with Rehabs UK you'll never look back and you'll feel brilliant. THANKYOU!"