Our home detox treatments are a combination of medicines, sedatives and vitamins that are designed to relieve the potential side effects and withdrawal symptoms when tackling addiction. Home detox is an affordable and convenient alternative to rehab.


Once you’ve decided to stop drinking or taking drugs, the side effects of withdrawal aren’t always easy to deal with on your own.

Home detox is the first stage of the recovery journey. It involves a controlled detoxification process that can be carried out in the comfort of your own home or another safe environment that you’ve chosen.

Home detox offers the same detox you would receive in a residential rehab but without having to spend time in a centre or doing therapy groups!

Our team of healthcare professionals will work with you throughout the entire process, often using sedatives, medicines and vitamins to help relieve any potential side effects or withdrawal symptoms that you may encounter.

Home detox is often seen as an alternative for people who feel they don’t need the full support and therapy of residential rehab. Home detox can be much more bespoke and affordable option. it can also work for those who are still working jobs and may have other commitents such as kids or family to look after.