Successfully completing addiction treatment whether it was via residential rehabilitation or outpatient rehabilitation is only one step in the right direction of a journey into long term recovery. Perhaps one of the most difficult steps to take is the step back into your normal life and all the triggers and issues that might bring. If you suffer from an addiction, whether its is alcohol, drugs or destructive and compulsive behaviours such as gambling, the chance of relapse into addiction and the associated problems once inpatient or outpatient treatment is completed is sadly high. As such, it is important that following the completion of addiction treatmentyou are fully supported as you work towards a successful and fulfilling life. This is where aftercare makes a real difference and a relapse prevention plan can be put into action.

At Rehabs UK if anyone uses any of our services they will also be given access to our weekly Recovery Support Group and Whatsapp Group for additional guidance free of charge. We also provide weekly online talks for the family members who are supporting their loved one as part of the service we offer. If you would like to know more on this please contact our Treatment Advisors.


Aftercare is a continuation of the care and support you have received through rehab to overcome your addiction and it helps you transition back into your life. Just as with your treatment plan, your aftercare plan will be tailored to your situation and will help you to understand your addiction, identify triggers such as high-pressure situations or specific people and reinforce the tools you already have in place to cope. Aftercare could consist of regular therapy sessions, counselling and check ins, support groups, and even assistance with housing, talking to your family and friends or getting back into work. Aftercare can also offer vital support for family and friends as they help you to settle back into life and keep control over your addiction. Engaging with expert rehab therapy and care as you continue through your life can help you to stay sober and in control.

The types of aftercare offered by rehab centres varies but is tailored to suit the specific situation. For some, regular therapy and counselling is vital to help those recognise areas of concern and remind them of ways to cope. For others, more practical help, such as with housing, may be necessary to help them adjust back into life. These are just a few of the aftercare options available:


An addiction aftercare plan is specifically designed to suit your particular circumstances, such as your housing needs, employment and medical situation, as well as the type of addiction you have and the treatment you have undertaken. Your counsellors, case worker and medical staff will all work together to come up with the right support for you, usually as you near the end of your rehab treatment. The support staff will discuss with you to work out the best ways to support you once you leave the rehab clinic, and they might talk to your family and friends too, ensuring you benefit from all the help you need so you can successfully re-adjust once you leave rehab.