Group therapy typically involves a number of people and a therapist meeting either face-to-face or online. The therapy sessions can be structured or unstructured, depending on the specific goals of the group and the approach used by the therapist.

Group therapy within a support group offers several advantages, including the opportunity for members to receive support and feedback from others who may have similar experiences. It also provides a sense of community and reduces feelings of isolation which can be beneficial particularly for those suffering from addiction.

At Rehabs UK we believe in community and a continued recovery plan to tackle and prevent relapse. Therefore if you or your loved one use any of our services you will be given instant access at no extra cost to our weekly online recovery support group facilitated by our head therapist Jakana Rita and our weekly recovery foundation group delivered by our director Lester Morse as part of our aftercare programme. There is also a WhatsApp group for extra support and guidance.

We believe in recovery for all of the family and that's why Jakana also facilitates a weekly online family support group which provides a safe space for those who are struggling with the impact of their loved ones addiction.

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Jakana Rita Head Therapist for Rehabs UK facilitating group therapy


Group therapy has been effective for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction for years. There are many factors as to why it is so effective, some are mentioned below:

  • It is a natural way to overcome a problem. Humans tend to build and grow with others around them, whether that’s at work or as a family. Therapy can be the same.
  • It allows for others within the group to support you and help you set and achieve your goals to recovery.
  • It opens your mind to new ways of thinking. You are able to try these out in a safe space before taking them out in the real world.
  • Other members of the session may be having the same challenges as you. It allows you to view the challenge you face in a different way by looking at it through someone else’s experience.

Group therapy is used in almost all addiction treatments or within support group settings. The benefits group therapy has on individuals is vital to their success in recovery. The treatment has been at the core of treatment plans across the world and has proved to be effective.

By being in a group setting the individual has others to support them throughout the process. Someone might bring up an issue they are having and you can relate to that issue as well. This allows the individual to get a different perspective on the same issue they might be experiencing.

Treatment Advisor Scott Ardley and Hannah Levi taking part in residential rehab