Outpatient rehab is a rehab where individuals have to check into clinics for therapy and visits rather than staying at the treatment facility.

The sessions the person would have to take part in focus on education, individual and group counselling and helping to advise on coping mechanisms for those dealing with addiction.

This type of addiction can be suitable for those individuals who are suffering with a mild addiction. This can be part of a long-term treatment program. This type of rehab can last anywhere between 3 to 6 months or even over a year in some cases.


Outpatient rehab is less intense than residential or inpatient rehab. Although it does offer a variety of treatments and therapies for the individual to follow to help to combat the addiction.

This type of rehab offers appropriate treatment, professional help and support throughout the process as well as setting goals and treatment objectives.

Outpatient rehab may require the individual to attend a treatment centre, hospital, clinic or therapist/counsellor on a regular basis tailored to the individuals’ specific needs.

Some outpatient programs offer evening and/or weekend sessions which may be an option for someone who is still managing their addiction with their daily lives. For example, work, family and personal responsibilities.

There are different levels of outpatient rehab. To find out more information please contact our specialist team. They are here to help direct you to the right treatment for your needs.