Tailored Retreats: Whether you're battling substance abuse or struggling with behavioural addictions, our retreats cater to diverse needs. We offer specialised programmes designed to address the root causes of addiction and empower lasting change.

Comfortable Detox Options: We understand that detoxification is a crucial first step towards sobriety. That's why at Rehabs UK we are able to provide a separate and flexible detox options, including home detox services and access to reputable detox centres, ensuring a safe and comfortable transition to recovery.

A recovery retreat? or Rehab? A recovery retreat provides a sober environment for someone who has already had a detox, completed a rehab programme and would like an mini refresh or has an addiction which doesn't have a physical dependence. Rehab includes detoxification, 24/7 medical support, full tailored treatment including therapy, as well as full aftercare.

Contact us today and talk with our fully trained Treatment Advisors who will also be able to answer any questions or concerns. A free assessment is available which will help establish the right treatment pathway for you or your loved one. By speaking with us you will be able to learn more about our programmes and start a journey towards lasting sobriety and fulfilment.


Accommodation: Most Recovery Retreats will provide contemporary and fully equipped bedrooms with smart TVs and on suite showers, bathrooms . Some will have added extras such as luxury rooms, spas, pools and gyms. All to experience while distressing from the modern stresses of life while enjoying sober time.

The key focus of Recovery Retreats are to enable, empower and equip the individuals with the skills and recovery tools to be able to cope long-term in recovery, free of all mind-altering substances, as well as providing a nurturing environment where residents are treated with unconditional love and acceptance.

Our Retreat & Sober Living Guest House Offerings offerings Include:

Sober Retreats: Escape the pressures of everyday life and immerse yourself in a supportive environment focused on sobriety and self-discovery.

Holistic Healing: Experience the power of holistic therapies, including mindfulness meditation, yoga, art therapy, and more, to heal your mind, body, and spirit.

Life Skills Training: Equip yourself with practical tools and strategies to navigate life's challenges without turning to substances or addictive behaviours. With emphasise on person-centred, evidence-based approaches for recovery, ensuring individualised attention and comprehensive care.

Community Support: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your journey towards recovery. Our supportive community fosters camaraderie and encouragement every step of the way.

Day-To-Day: supports the client with their mental, emotional and physicality, after detox, providing a balanced programme. Each client will be issued with a personal recovery practitioner and be guided by the wisdom and support of there recovery coach.

Nutrition: Usually Recovery Retreats provide highly trained chefs with a diverse and tantalising menu that will be hand crafted each week with a nutritious new menu. With a high emphasis not just on the support but also on the food.