Exploring addiction is a three-part course which aims to provide vital knowledge to better understand the science of addiction and how it effects the brain. This can be particularly useful for those individuals who have not been to a residential rehab and want to understand their addiction and patterns at a deeper level.

The first part is ‘Breaking the cycle: Exploring addiction, causes & solutions’ which looks at the more in-depth reasons as to why someone can’t stop using.

The second part is ‘The power of the mind: understanding thought patterns.’ This part will examine the thinking patterns that accompany someone with an addiction. It allows for understanding and awareness of the mind.

The final part is ‘Sobriety starts with you: how to maintain it’. This will look at what can be done to have control over your sobriety and prevent relapse. It will look into how to deal with difficult emotions.

Each session is provided by our Rehabs UK head therapist Jakana and aims to provide critical knowledge which we believe is the key to understanding addiction and overcoming it.

Who is the exploring addiction course for?

This is the perfect course for those who have had a home detox, addiction therapy or have been to fellowship meetings and feel they could benefit from an educational understanding of their addiction. It can be particularly useful for someone who is stuck in a cycle of continuous relapse or concerned about relapse. The course is also suited to family members or those who are part of our online family support group and want to understand and gain insider knowledge of addiction and how it works.

The course is a 1-2-1 so is suited to those who may not feel comfortable in a group setting. It is also a confidential and safe space which encourages interaction, questions and can be adapted accordingly to the knowledge of the participant.

At Rehabs UK we are passionate about continuous recovery support so as standard and part of our aftercare you will also have access to a weekly online recovery support group, a weekly recovery foundation group as well as a WhatsApp group at no extra cost.

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Rehabs UK Senior Treatment Advisor Scott Ardley on a phone call offering a free addiction assessment