05 Jun 2024

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Welcome to another episode of the Altered Attitudes Podcast. Today we have a deeply moving story of transformation and resilience. In this episode, we dive into the remarkable journey of Ricky, a man who overcame a harrowing battle with heroin addiction and criminal behaviour to help found a new recovery centre, Harmony House in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

Ricky's story is a testament to the power of recovery and the human spirit's ability to heal and grow. Throughout our conversation, Ricky shares candid insights into the dark periods of his life, starting with how addiction robbed him of everything he held dear. He opens up about the trauma and dysfunction that fuelled his substance abuse, the destructive consequences that followed, and the relentless cycle of history repeating itself.

Ricky describes his transformative experience in residential rehab, where he began the long journey of becoming honest with himself and conscious of his actions. He highlights the importance of the 12 Steps programme and how helping others became a crucial part of his own recovery.

Ricky's dedication to transmitting recovery and creating a supportive environment for others culminated in the founding of Harmony House. This new adventure stands as a beacon of hope for those struggling with addiction, illustrating that recovery is possible.

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