Addiction can take many forms, whether it’s a dependence on alcohol, prescription drugs or recreational drugs, repetition of certain destructive behaviours like gambling or even supposedly healthy behaviours like exercise. When the dependence or behaviour becomes a compulsion, it can ruin your mental and physical health affecting both your life and the lives of those around you. If you recognise that you have a problem with addiction, Rehabs UK can help you take the first step on your road to recovery.

Going to rehab in Dorset doesn’t need to be scary or intimidating. We understand how it feels to be in your situation and with our support, you will find the best rehab clinic for your recovery.


We partner with a range of rehab clinics in Dorset and the surrounding area, and each offers a variety of treatments to help you detox and recover. Whichever rehab you attend you can expect compassion, understanding and a bespoke programme of treatment designed to suit your precise circumstances.

Residential rehab centres in Dorset provide a good opportunity for you to fully detox and explore the treatment options available, allowing you to live at the centre and have access to medical and psychiatric care as well as modern therapy techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy and the latest in neuroscience therapy. Everything from what you eat to how your day is structured will be tailored to help you recover from your addiction and the time it takes will vary but can average around 28 days. Staff are experienced, compassionate and understanding, helping you every step on your journey to overcoming addiction.

•Psychological Therapies

•12 Step Programme

•Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

•Neuro-linguistic Programming


•28 Day Treatments

•Family Conference and Counselling

•Alcoholics Anonymous