Cannabis, otherwise known as marijuana, weed, pot, dope or grass. These names are all for the same drug. This drug comes from the cannabis plant.

It can be consumed by:

  • Smoking it
  • Vaping it
  • Drinking it
  • Eating it

Cannabis can be used recreationally. A number of medical doctors will prescribe it for certain medial conditions.

However, it is a mind-altering drug. Cannabis can become addictive and can negatively affect your body and brain.


Cannabis addiction like other behavioural addictions is based on the principle of the production of dopamine stimulates the brain to create an impulse to repeat the action or behaviour again. As this action is repeated, more dopamine is stimulated, which in turn creates pleasurable sensations.

This action to some individuals becomes addictive. Trying to achieve that pleasure. This is the basic understanding of how cannabis addiction begins.

Like all addictions the causes for cannabis addiction are vast. Each individual who may be suffering with a cannabis addiction may experience some of these but not all of these factors.

The calming sensation that cannabis can provide if you suffer with mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety. It may also be enticing if you struggling in professional or social situations.

Some people are able to use cannabis without becoming dependant on it. However, the amount of THC which is consumes effects the intensity of the high. The more THC the more likelihood of you developing an addiction.


  • If you took drugs at an early stage in life, this may increase the chance of developing an addiction
  • If you had a disruptive home life as a child, this could increase your chances of developing an addiction

  • If the individual has mental health conditions, self-medicating may lead to the person being more susceptible to a cannabis addiction

  • If a close relative has experienced addiction in their life this may cause you to have a higher chance of having an addictive personality and increased the likelihood of cannabis addiction