10 Nov 2023

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Join us for another episode of the Altered Attitudes podcast. In this episode, we have a conversation with Clare Kennedy, the founder and CEO of Kennedy Street Recovery.

Clare shares insights into her relationship with Kevin Kennedy, also known as Coronation Street's Curly Watts, and discusses how her journey with him played a pivotal role in her own path to recovery.

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  • Introduction
  • Not wanting to be an alcoholic
  • Swapping drugs and drink and being addicted to Kevin
  • Working with families
  • Fellowship and family members
  • Controlling drinking
  • Awakening of Clare and sponsor
  • Calling in to Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Leaving Kevin and recognising enabling
  • Pouring away alcohol and violence
  • Other side of the story and drunk people
  • Kevin's rock bottom
  • Supporting people into treatment
  • Rehab and recovery in the community
  • The Recovery Hub

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