Anabolic steroids are a manufactured testosterone that is prescribed by doctors to patients to help treat conditions such as muscle loss, cancer and hormone deficiencies. If you have developed a steroid addiction you will need to undergo a steroid detox to clear the body of the drugs within their system.

On average, it can take over a month for steroids to leave your system during the detox process however, this can differ for each individual.

As your body detoxes from steroids, you may experience a range of withdrawal symptoms l which can include feelings of nausea, muscle and joint pain and headaches as well as suffering with insomnia and feelings of anxiety.

When you are detoxing from a steroid addiction, you must also note the risk of depression, alcoholism and the development of other addictions.

Whilst this process may sound daunting, the completion of the detox and withdrawal process under medical supervision can make the process safer and more comfortable and can lead to you living a healthier life.


If you have continually abused steroids over an extended period of time, you will have developed a tolerance for the drug, resulting in a higher dose needed to achieve the intended results. To end this dependency and to create a healthier lifestyle, you must undergo a medically- supervised detox - you must not undergo a detox at home. The detox will allow you to safely withdraw from your dependency on the drug as well as have a medical professional supervise your withdrawal symptoms.  

A rehabilitation centre will be able to provide the medical advice and support you need to successfully and safely get through detox.

A steroid addiction is typically formed due to a user's poor mental health. Steroid addicts typically abuse the drug in order to help cope with body/muscle dysmorphia as well as low self-esteem. Additionally, depression is one of the more common side effects when withdrawing from the drug. These psychological factors coupled with withdrawal symptoms can be a difficult process for a user to go through alone.

For this reason, it is recommended for a steroid addict to attend rehab in order to receive the correct care for their addiction. You will be surrounded by medical professionals who all treat their patients with great care.


The amount of time for you to withdraw from your steroid addiction will drastically differ for each individual. Those who have abused the drug over an extended period should typically expect the process to take over a month for the drug to completely leave their system.

You should not attempt to detox without medical supervision. The most effective way to detox from a steroid addiction is through the correct medical treatment.