Although LSD is not physically addictive, regular recreational use of the drug can result in a behavioural addiction – a craving for the drug’s effects. As there is no physical addiction, a medical detox is not necessary and there are few physical withdrawal symptoms. However, there are psychological symptoms that occur when a user stops taking LSD. Psychological withdrawal can be just as challenging to overcome and expert advice and support is required.

A person going through withdrawal from LSD may become distressed and confused and even suffer terrifying flashbacks, so mental and emotional support in a rehab centre or in therapeutic surroundings is advised.


As users are psychologically addicted to LSD, a form of detox that revolves around control of the environment rather than physical or medical detox is necessary. By removing the user from the environment that allowed or encouraged LSD use and at the same time offering support through therapy, a rehab centre can help to break the cycle of need and use.

Where there are other drugs being used in conjunction with LSD, a 28-day detox alongside a treatment plan of cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling and group therapy might be necessary. Where LSD is the only substance being abused, in-patient or outpatient therapy may be required. Treatment will restrict access to LSD and other substances and will enable professional medical staff to observe psychological effects of the LSD abuse during the early stages of abstinence. In cases where an individual is suffering from HPDD, medications can be administered to alleviate distressing and uncomfortable symptoms. Group and individual counselling sessions will enable the user to address the reasons behind their LSD addiction and their trigger points that make them crave the drug and take it.


Each person is different and treatment will vary depending on the individual situation, the frequency and amount of the drug taken, and the symptoms shown. It is advised that a 28-day detox will help by restricting access to the drug and will allow medical experts to monitor the psychological symptoms of withdrawal that may appear.