16 Jan 2024

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Show notes

In this podcast, we kick off the journey by diving into the controversial topic of anonymity within Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

Annmarie advocates for recovery rights and we shine a spotlight on The Right to Recovery Bill and tackling addiction's financial toll on society. We challenge perceptions about drug consumption rooms, scrutinise Scottish rehab claims and acknowledge the limitations professionals face.

Some of the topics we cover in this episode:

  • Annemarie's Foundation
  • A Glimpse into AA's Past in 1980s London
  • Illuminating a New World Perspective
  • "Fake It Till You Make It"
  • Steps 4 and 5
  • Scotland's and Cocaine: Past and Present
  • Decoding Treatment: The Substitute Prescription
  • The Unethical Landscape of Methadone Scripts
  • Stigma's Surprising Virtue
  • Navigating Trust Amidst Relationship Trauma in Recovery
  • Rediscovering Life: Drug-Free and Brain Scans
  • Advocating for the Recovery Rights: The Right to Recovery Bill
  • The Price Tag of Addiction
  • Reflections on "Shoulda Woulda Coulda" and Stigma
  • Debunking the Value of Drug Consumption Rooms
  • Scrutinising Scottish Rehab Claims: Following the Money Trail
  • Beyond Lifestyle: Addiction is Not a Choice
  • The Limitations of Professionals in Solving the Problem
  • Addressing Poverty: The Sedative Struggle
  • Revisiting the Right To Recovery Bill
  • Trailblazers in the Journey of Recovery
  • Embracing a Life of Service

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