04 Nov 2021

When researching rehabs some people might be sceptical with the success rate. Does rehab really work?

You may have seen celebrities in the media going into rehab time and time again, some people may know others who have been to rehab and relapsed after completing their treatment.

Rehab isn’t always funded so this may not be the cheapest of treatments available.

So, the answer is that rehab may not work for some people until they are ready. There are many different types of rehab facilities across the world which handle addiction in different ways. All of these treatments and therapies are valid and work in some cases. However, each individual may not react in the same way to the same treatments. It is about finding the rehab programme suitable for you or your loved one.

How effective is drug addiction treatment?

When evaluating how effective drug addiction treatment is, it really does depend on the individual. However, relapse rates for addiction are similar to those of other chronic diseases such as hypertension, asthma and diabetes. This evidence illustrates how addiction is in the same category as a chronic disease and how addiction should be taken seriously and treated in the same way as other chronic diseases.

Facts and statistics about rehab success

If you are trying to find facts and statistics about the overall success of rehab you might have come to a stand-still. There isn’t much information out there because different facilities use different approaches and treatment for different addictions. However, there are some broad statistics available.

There is research which suggests that the year following treatment, one in four clients maintain an alcohol-free life and the remainder who finish their treatment reduce their alcohol by 87%.

Rehabs UK has also found that:

  • Individuals have better mental health after staying in rehab
  • People have a more postive outlook on life
  • They often want to continue to make a postive change in themselves and helping others

What improves the success rate of addiction recovery?

There are many different factors which may play a role in the success of your addiction recovery. There is a multitude of different elements which might be involved. However, the most common ones are mentioned below.

These may help you or your loved one to be more successful in rehab. Although, it is ultimately up to the individual what they want to achieve from rehab and if they are going to be successful it is down to them.

It also depends on the type of rehab the individual is taking part in. Is it residential rehab? Is it just day rehab? It also depends on the duration of time the individual is in the rehab. As well as what treatments and therapies they are taking part in. And again, if these are the right types of treatments, therapies or rehab for you?

Find support for your addiction recovery

It is vital to find support when starting recovery. Whether that is from family and friends, support groups such as Alcohol Anonymous (AA), Cocaine Anonymous (CA) other similar groups or just others in recovery or healthcare support workers. All these options give you stability. By having someone or a group of people who are there for you on a daily basis, it will make the journey to recovery much easier. It will allow you to be accountable for your actions.

Setting goals and building new habits

When starting rehab, it’s good to start with small steps. If you set yourself small goals along your journey it will keep you on track. If you take each day as it comes and by ticking things off along the way, it will keep you accountable for your actions and will make you feel more accomplished. It is good to keep setting these goals for yourself as it builds up new habits. Rehab is all about rebuilding the individual. So, by taking these little steps everyday it starts to create a new way of living for that person. A life where recovery is possible.

Multiple therapies and personalised treatments

When looking at rehab another element which may have a significant impact on your success is the specific treatments and therapies you take part in. There are vast amounts of different therapy treatments out there and knowing which ones might be most suited to you can seem difficult. When assessing yourself and looking at your own addiction(s) there will be some treatments available that might stand out which target that particular addiction and your needs.

If you speak with one of our specialist team members, they can talk you through all the different treatments and therapies which are on offer. They can also assist in any questions and queries you may have. Finding the right treatment is important when looking at recovery. It has to work for you. Each individual is different and no two people will be the same. You may think that because someone you know has a similar addiction to you that the therapies and treatments, they are doing will work for you. This might not be the case.

It is again very common for individuals to complete multiple therapies at the same time. Some of these therapies and treatments feed into each other and by completing multiple sessions tailored to you and your needs, it may have a higher chance of increasing the success of your time in rehab.

24/7 support, emotional and medical

The success of rehab for an individual is increased because of the 24/7 support that is on offer. There are both emotional and medical professionals around you during your treatment and therapies. There may also be people who are struggling with addiction around you as well. These people are all there and able to support you throughout your time in rehab. You are able to talk to staff if you are struggling or if something is on your mind. By doing this and taking advantage of having a close support network around you of professionals in the field and possibly likeminded people, it will increase your chances of your journey to recovery being a success.

A desire to succeed

A desire to succeed is a vital element in order to be successful in rehab. The individual has to have the desire to succeed. They have to have the motivation to want to change their life around. Rehab isn’t going to be an overnight success; it will take time and dedication. The only way rehab can be successful is if someone gives it everything they’ve got. After the rehab treatment and therapies; what the individual has learnt and taken on board must be practised on a daily basis in order for them to not relapse. Rehab gives the person the tools to change their life if they choose to use them.

Why drug rehab doesn’t always work

Drug rehab doesn’t always work because individuals may not take it seriously. There are many different reasons why rehabilitation may work for some but not others. Every person is different and is at a different stage of their personal journey into recovery. Some of the most common reasons for drug rehab not always working for everyone are listed below.

Lack of participation

If you are suffering with addiction and trying to get into recovery, you have to participate in the programme. If you are not willing to get involved in the treatments and therapies then you will gain nothing from your time in rehab. To be successful you have to give it your all. You have to be involved and participate as much as you can, even if it does get hard and difficult. The journey isn’t easy. Opening up and talking about your life and the situations the addiction has put you in, can be a really challenging and a painful thing to do. We understand this. But it is most vital that you do. By doing this you are able to discover things about yourself and your addiction and aim to build from it.

Not enough time in treatment

Some people suffering with an addiction think that they will be able to stop on their own. Some think that if they partake in a detox usually for around 2 weeks then after that they will be able to stop themselves. This is almost never the case. The amount of time an individual needs in a rehab facility is personal to that specific person. However, the longer you are involved in a treatment programme the more help and support you or your loved one will receive. This is also important for the success of treatment. The longer a person stays in rehab the greater the success rate. It gives people the opportunity to grow and learn important skills for them to take with them after they finish the rehab programme. They should continue to live by these skills in their new daily life routine.

The rehab program doesn’t meet individual needs

Sometimes people who are struggling with addiction choose the wrong type of treatment for them. Some may choose to go to a day rehab or do a week detox treatment instead of choosing perhaps a residential rehab programme for 12 weeks. This could be due to a number or factors.

For example, not having enough money or failing to accept the reality and severity of their addiction. It is very rare that a one-day rehab programme is going to completely change someone’s life. Rehab is often a longer process. However, everyone is different and this may be the right option for some people.

If you feel you need to speak to someone about your addiction, we are just a phone call away. Our specialist staff won’t hesitate to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Lack of support system at home

Not having a strong support network at home can mean that individuals are more likely to relapse. With lack of support, it might seem like there’s no one to turn to if things get tough.

It might be difficult if you are living in a household where other members may have an addiction as well. If this is the case there are options for you to get the support you need. For example,

Try to attend groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Cocaine Anonymous (CA) if you are feeling like you need someone to turn too. It might be beneficial to get a sponsor as well. This is when someone who has been in recovery for a while can help to support you on your road to recovery. They are often available to meet for coffee and a chat or just a phone call away if you feel as though you are struggling to stay on track. Having a sponsor or friends from support groups like AA can help to support you if you have a lack of support at home.

Relapse does not mean failure

Many individuals who suffer with addiction go through the rehab process multiple times. It isn’t a quick fix and the individual needs to be ready for recovery. It often takes people to hit rock bottom to be successful in their recovery. You have to fully commit to the programmes and treatments. You need to accept that you are suffering with an illness and be willing to let it go.

Relapse recovery can take time and often requires patience - relapse does not equal failure.

A drug rehab programme that works

If you or a loved one are trying to find a drug rehab program which is suited to your needs do not hesitate to give our specialist team a call. They are here to locate a rehab programme which will be able to cater to your needs. If you are serious about getting help this is a great first step. With 90% of our team in recovery themselves, there is no judgement and honest conversations can be had. We want to help you. The first step is always the hardest, but you can reach out to our rehab support team to start your recovery journey and improve your chances of rehab success.